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The Association of Emergency Doctors in India (AED)

AED Aims

  • To help the Fellows and Members in furthering their careers in India and overseas.
  • Provide support to the potential Member/Fellows Candidates with their efforts to qualify the College Examinations.
  • To conduct courses and study sessions aimed at the continuing professional development of its members and fellows.
  • To liaise with societies and regulatory agencies to forward the recognition of the RCEM Qualifications in India.
  • To Work with the RCEM to propagate Qualified EM Providers in India.
  • To provide an e-learning platform to Fellows, Members and Potential Candidates.

We are representing the Members and Fellows of RCEM in India and Overseas.

The Members and Fellows of the Royal college of Emergency medicine in India and overseas are amongst the UK Certified Emergency Physicians shaping the Emergency landscape in the subcontinent.

Having been successful in a relatively new and robust system of assessment in the form OSCEs and SBAs, they are quietly making their mark in India albeit mostly in the private acute care settings in India.

While this association strives to remain academic, there is an undeniable need to set up a unifying body to safeguard the interests of this group of clinicians who are committed to the specialty and to nurture their talents in delivering quality emergency care in India

I welcome all the Fellows and Members of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (UK) from India and overseas to join the Association of Emergency Doctors.